How long have you been raising dogs?

I had been involved in dogs for many years before that. My father was a dog breeder before I was ever born, so I guess I just came by it naturally! I began my own breeding career in the early 30’s when I left home and got married. So the learning process has been going on for quite a few years for me now.

Do you show your dogs?

I recently started showing at APRI dog shows. These shows are a lot of fun, and the competitors are friends and fellow breeders. The cut throat attitude and politics that dominates shows is simply not to my liking, I have just never been able to deal with people that think they are better than everyone else. I not so jokingly tell people, “my dogs are fine, it’s me that bites!”

Do you offer service after the sale?

Yes! As a long time breeder and dog lover I have a lot of useful advice I can offer my customers. Help with the care of the new pup, and later, training, house breaking, etc. I like to keep in touch with the new owners of my pups.

Will the puppy have had it’s shots?

Yes. Your puppy will come with a complete health record of all the vaccinations and wormings it has had. We normally give at least 2 shots, including one straight parvo shot, using Neopar, the best parvo vaccine available, and a combination shot. However, many vets recommend that a pup receive regular booster shots until at least 4 months of age, so you will need to continue the shots as recommended by your veterinarian, according to what problems are prevalent in your area. We also use a variety of different wormers to control this problem in pups, but please remember, this too is something that needs to be continued after you purchase your pup. Most of the wormers available only work on adult worms, and leave the larva to re-infest the dog, so frequent worming is very important to the health of your pet.

Can I get my puppy micro chipped?

Yes. Just drop me a line and mention it, and I can take care of it for you and send you all the paperwork to register your chip.

Are your puppies registered?

Yes, we use America’s Pet Registry.

How are your puppies socialized?

This is one of the most important (and fun!) parts of my job, when raising pups that will grow up to be beloved family members. The pups are handled daily. As they develop, they are exposed to different situations that teach them new experiences, and help them grow and learn. I never wean my pups young, pups learn a great deal from their mothers, and interaction with littermates helps them be well rounded, mentally stable individuals later in life. Some people have the mistaken idea that pups should be raised in a home, and not a kennel. This is simply not true. Kennels are designed for safety and cleanliness of dogs, which is also very important in raising healthy pups. And the sights and sounds in a kennel are hardly any different than in a house. My pups learn the sound of the microwave bell going off, the sounds of vacuum sweeper, radio, opening and closing of the refrigerator door, human conversations, lights going off and on, and all the other sounds normally found in any home. The design of the kennel, with an indoor area and an outside run, actually promotes early housebreaking in pups, whereas raising pups in a house encourages them to eliminate in a house, unlike a kennel where they quickly learn to “go outside” to do their business. And besides, if they were in my house, they would never see me, I spend nearly all my time at the kennel, the house is just a place to sleep and keep my stuff!

Do you ship?

Yes, We now use an excellent professional service to transport our pups Nationwide where our pups can get much better connections to make their trips to their new homes much less stressful. These folks do a great job of taking care of the pups while in transport, since they too are breeders and know all about the care required for my pups.

Is shipping safe/stressful for the pup?

The airlines have a very good track record when it comes to taking care of pups. They ship hundreds of pups every week.

Can we call you?

Yes, if you must!  I prefer to handle most of my business through email. It seems that the telephone only rings here on three (3) occasions, when I’m eating dinner, in the bathroom or sleeping. It is also sometimes difficult to catch me in the house. When you choose to raise dogs, you have to work according to their schedule, not yours. I long ago gave up having any “set” hours. I may be up all night helping deliver a new litter, or have gotten up at 3am to deliver a pup to the airport, so if I’m still in bed at the crack of noon, itsure isn’t because I’m lazy !